The VITATEC devices work with the Vitalfeld. Since 1993, they have been used millions of times by a steadily growing number of users of VitalfeldTechnologie. The term Vitalfeld has been coined by us. Our methods are new and not scientifically proven in the sense of university medicine, therefore they are not approved by it.

  • Frequency bandwidth from less than 1 Hz to over 120 GHz, infrared and visible light range, with accessories
  • Use of endogenous frequency spectra from 1 Hz to 4 GHz, including infrared and visible light range
  • Magnetic field application
  • Over 900 application programmes
  • Programme selection can be automatically taken over from a Global Diagnostics measurement

Mito is the result of over 25 years of research, development and many millions of cases of practical applications. All that is reflected in both the device and the sophisticated software application.

Natural environmental radiation plays a considerable role in the regeneration of a body, since all organisms have evolved in the presence of this radiation. A body is familiar with the natural fields and can use them beneficially to balance, regenerate and return to its original condition.

A broad platform

Mito generates electromagnetic signals and rhythms in a very wide frequency range. With all its accessories, it provides a bandwidth from less than 1 Hz to 120 GHz - including magnetic field application, visible light and infrared range. Thus, it can generate field structures that are similar to the natural ambient radiation and are stimulating to the Vitalfeld of an organism in a supportive manner.

The signals generated by Mito are transmitted to the body via insulated antennas and/or light-emitting diodes.

A wide range of possibilities

Mito provides a total of well over 900 different programmes.

From very broad frequency spectra to single frequencies, from low-frequency magnetic field applications to programmes using extremely high frequency ranges (up to 120 GHz) for very fine structures, the number of possible combinations is endless.

The programmes can be compiled as you wish, with the help of provided templates or automatically taken over from the results of a previous Global Diagnostics measurement.

Endogenous frequency spectra

Part of the basic tool set is the application of endogenous frequency spectra in a range from 1 Hz to 4 GHz, the bandwidth and technical possibilities of which are unique.

Not only does Mito allow digital, analogue and digital/analogue mixed applications, it is also a high-end technical device with previously unattainable pure signal quality and the possibility of greatly reducing interfering foreign signals, which in turn benefits the recording and reproduction of the body's own frequencies.

User feedback

It's simply stunning because it's so close to the model of naturally overlapping fields."
M.R. | Germany
If someone told me that such a new gigantic device was being released and that it was running smoothly, I wouldn't believe it and would even become suspicious. ... My only regret is that I did not take the device when I was first contacted about it back in December. I really should have done that."
Dr. B.O. | Germany

Mito – helping the Vitalfeld to resume its original structure.