The VITATEC devices work with the Vitalfeld. Since 1993, they have been used millions of times by a steadily growing number of users of VitalfeldTechnologie. The term Vitalfeld has been coined by us. Our methods are new and not scientifically proven in the sense of university medicine, therefore they are not approved by it.

  • Frequency spectra from 1 Hz up to 4 GHz
  • Over 13,000 digitalised substances
  • Several modes and potentiations (covering the entire frequency spectrum – no band-pass filter)
  • Accessories for self-digitalisation up to 400 MHz
  • for self-testing and application, but one can also simply use a Global Diagnostics measurement

DigiConPro uses a software that has been continuously developed while being in practical use since 2003. It makes working with digitalised substances significanlty lighter.

Thanks to our in-house developed recording procedure, frequency spectra up to 4 GHz are now available, in a purity that is hardly attainable under "normal" circumstances. Thus, valuable test sets are preserved for a variety of uses.

A wide spectrum for valuable substances

The reproduction of digitalised substances in DigiConPro ranges from 1 Hz to 4 GHz and contains well over 13,000 substance spectra of the highest possible purity (as of 2019). If you have valuable test kits in use, you will find that much of them are already in the selection menu – including many substance spectra that have become rare and whose substances can no longer be found today.

Nevertheless, if you have substances that are not included or if you want to work with your own individual substances, you can digitalise them yourself using an accessory in a quality of up to 400 MHz .

Diversity practically channelled

DigiConPro works with sophisticated software. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the use of the predecessor models, DigiConPro and its user software have made working with substance spectra noticeably easier and can save a lot of time.

Whether in the creation of test tables and templates, in the use of potencies or the compilation of successful combinations thereof, DigiConPro offers all possibilities, quickly and highly precisely - if one wishes, down to the smallest details. But it can also simply refer back to the one preceding Global Diagnostics measurement and automatically process the suggestion.

Because of the simple application possibilities and results achieved with it, it is also popular with users of VitalfeldTechnologie who do not specialise in working with substances.

For experts

The degree of freedom of test and application possibilities, the simple adjustment of phase, amplitude, magnetic field, inversion and pauses, the five different output modes and the use of existing or the creation of own refined ampoules will please the experienced user.

The knowledgeable user rightly complains about the limited quality of a potentisation of digitised substances due to so-called bandpasses (partial ranges of a frequency spectrum that are used for potentisation) that are common in the market. DigiConPro uses the entire substance spectrum as a basis and not just a section, which is clearly reflected in the output quality.

The comfortable search function is not only available for the substance spectra already included in the purchase, but also for the substances digitalised with the help of the accessories by the users themselves .

User feedback

I use it because I either know the substance and want to apply it specifically or I would like to use a Global Diagnostics measurement result."
Dr. R.St. | Germany
We get substance spectra that are no longer on the market for various reasons. I like the possibility of being able to modify the individual frequency spectra.“
M. R. | Germany

DigiConPro – substance spectra that make a difference