Economic viability


As much as we are enthusiastic about our own products, we are aware that lasting success can only be guaranteed if the use of our equipment is worthwhile for you in all areas.

We want to be able to look back on many years of success with each of our customers. Therefore we assess with you on site whether and in what form one of our devices would be of value to you.

Whether it is to lessen the burden an overcrowded practice or to share our experience in increasing patient influx with you – we treat your circumstances and needs as individually as they are and always strive for an honest assessment. Among other things, we are happy to carry out a profitability calculation adapted to your everyday life so that you can make your decision on a realistic basis.


User feedback

The effectiveness of the VitalfeldTechnologie stands and falls with the counselling, support and service. The support of my counsellor is really exceptional. She took me by the hand from the very beginning and showed me exactly what I should start with – what makes sense and what doesn't yet. So I really got to grips with the topic and quickly had success with it. She gives me continued support and I get help whenever I need it."
Dr. E.S. | Germany
There was a hurdle, of course, with the leasing rates. I was initially apprehensive and had some concerns, but my councellor helped me a lot to find exactly the rate that suited my practice and me. The lease rate refinanced itself from the start, and there was a lot more coming in pretty quickly than just that. And things stayed that way."
Dr. I.B. | Germany