The VITATEC devices work with the Vitalfeld. Since 1993, they have been used millions of times by a steadily growing number of users of VitalfeldTechnologie. The term Vitalfeld has been coined by us. Our methods are new and not scientifically proven in the sense of university medicine, therefore they are not approved by it.

  • gentle mechanical stimulation with magnetic field application
  • low-noise
  • choose from 22 programmes or adjust individually
  • battery-operated
  • simple operation

deepRelief is a battery-operated hand-held device for the mechanical stimulation of tissues in combination with a magnetic field application for professional use.

No rhythm where there is rigidity - no relaxation without rhythm

A lack of movement promotes lymphatic congestion and subsequently leads to agglutination of the tissues. Prolonged rigidity in the tissues can become very uncomfortable and be accompanied by toxication and hardening.

A wide range of devices using mechanical movements are available for relief. Most of them produce strong vibratory movements, which in our observation is not always beneficial. Long-lasting or stubborn tensions need time to relax again and can often be better relieved with a persistent, mild approach.

Ideally, one acts on such a tissue on several levels in order to smooth it out again as gently as possible.

Mechanical and magnetic – an attractive combination  

Rigidity not only limits the mobility of the tissue itself, but also inhibits the mobility of electrically charged particles (ions) within it. However, in order for cells to work and tissue to become supple again, the electrically charged particles must move.

A magnetic field acts precisely (and only) on the electrically charged particles. It automatically penetrates into deep tissue layers. Although even a rigid magnetic field can have a positive effect on structures, it is not comparable to the effect of a pulsed magnetic field.

If a shaking movement is combined with a magnetic field, it can be weaker and still lead to results more quickly.

The right intensity for a profitable interaction

By sending light vibrations mechanically into the tissues with deepRelief, one gradually reaches deeper structures and the procedure can be continued without overstraining the body or causing the person unnecessary pain.

The magnetic field applied simultanously also sets the electrically charged particles in motion, enabling a gentle combined effect. The advantages of this are not only subjectively perceived by particularly sensitive people, but also noted by our practitioners.

Easy to use, yet flexible

deepRelief offers you 22 easy-to-select programmes.

In addition, infinitely variable adjustment for individual needs offers a wide range of options.  
Mechanics: continuously adjustable from 60 to 1,000 revolutions per minute during operation.
Frequency: phase (timing) of magnetic pulsation as required.
Intensity: amplitude (intensity) for the magnetic field up to 214 Gauss.

deepRelief is supplied with an easily replaceable 2nd rechargeable battery so that it can be used for long periods when on the move.

A practical case is also available for safe transport.

deepRelief – gently smoothing out tissues