Global Diagnostics


The VITATEC devices work with the Vitalfeld. Since 1993, they have been used millions of times by a steadily growing number of users of VitalfeldTechnologie. The term Vitalfeld has been coined by us. Our methods are new and not scientifically proven in the sense of university medicine, therefore they are not approved by it.

  • In only 8 minutes
  • Fully automatic, precise measurement
  • Quick overview
  • Details can be inspected
  • Versatile evaluation aid
  • Application recommendation
  • Direct application possible

Global Diagnostics was released in 2005 after 8 years of research and today, in its third generation, is being used millions of times for the measurement and direct application of frequency spectra.

Global Diagnostics stimulates the Vitalfeld with countless small impulses and records an overall picture of the field structures of an organism by using more than 600 measurement ranges in 8 minutes.

The measurement results and their possible interconnections are then displayed with the help of clear evaluation aids, along with numerous tips and suggestions. They are also available in a 3D display. From the fields of entire body systems to the smallest structure – the cell –, from resilience to stress factors and their underlying interference fields, from the present need for support to the long-term evaluation of all previous measurements, Global Diagnostics offers a variety of viewing options and valuable information about the Vitalfeld.

Recommendations for strengthening the Vitalfeld can be transferred directly to other VitalfeldTechnologie devices, if desired.

In addition, Global Diagnostics can stimulate the Vitalfeld with very gentle low- and high-frequency microcurrents (from 1 Hz to 1 GHz) and measure the reaction to numerous substance spectra (automatically and individually).

User feedback

This measurement technology gives me a lot of ideas I wouldn't have thought of before. ... Curiosity is the most important thing. You get an understanding for interconnected and complex areas."
Dr. R.S. | Germany
People are beating down my door. Everyone wants to be measured and treated with Global Diagnostics and Vitalfeld. Actually, I had planned to lessen my workload and now I have even more people. When my new practice opens, I will probably need another Global Diagnostics device."
J. H. | Germany
I was surprised by the user-friendliness and the possibilities to analyse measurements recorded over a long period of time and to draw conclusions from such analysis. It's a very well thought out system in terms of software and hardware."
Dr. F.G. | Switzerland
The most impressive thing about Global Diagnostics is its versatility. The computation of programme and frequency selections is an immense relief in everyday life – which, as we know, must go on quickly."
M.R. | Germany

Global Diagnostics – measure, evaluate and treat directly, quickly and precisely