Training at VITATEC


Competence requires understanding. Understanding begins with the knowledgeable communication of basics and the willingness to never denigrate a question or uncertainty as "insignificant". This attitude shapes the structure and design of our seminars and courses.

Practice oriented training

We train professional users of the VitalfeldTechnologie and/or their assistants in the application of the VitalfeldTechnologie and place our main focus on the practical benefits and direct practicability. Therefore, our courses are not held as a one-sided lectures (perhaps familiar from schools and universities), but involve the participants in a targeted way. This way, questions and uncertainties can be addressed right away and familiarity and personal confidence can be created effectively.

Our therapeutic seminars and courses are held exclusively by experienced and very successful practitioners. Since we as a company are not allowed to comment on questions in this field, the speakers on site not only take care of conveying general understanding, but are also happy to help you with individual questions and problems.

Vitalfeld Congress

"Competitive thinking" seems illogical to us against the background of the incredibly large number of people who strive for improvement. Every day we see how the mutual exchange we promote between VitalfeldTechnologie users helps each user to be more successful.

The strong dissemination of VitalfeldTechnologie is strengthened, among other things, by the exchange of VitalfeldTechnology users among each other, which is actively supported by us – regardless of your specialisation.

Among other things, the annual Vitalfeld Congress was created for this purpose. It is reserved exclusively for our customers (despite the wealth of information of general interest to therapists).

Over the course of several days, we offer a platform to learn about the latest research and developments, to meet colleagues and form networks, to exchange ideas about successes and to take home suggestions for one's own practice. Fun and entertainment are not neglected either.  


You find our events here: Events.


User feedback

I cannot put my satisfaction and joy into words. The training has given me a lot. The device is so fantastic. The VITATEC company has a smooth service. I also met your nice colleagues and had a fantastic weekend.“
C.H. | Germany
The congress was extraordinary, exciting and so lovely – all these people having an open hart and professional expertise. Thank you for letting me be part of it."
Dr. E.S. | Germany