VITATEC Setup and Service


What our customers say about the VITATEC service:

Once you have decided on a VITATEC device, we will instruct you on site according to your needs in your practical environment. You will find a detailed help function in our user software that can be accessed directly at any point  along with valuable databases for explaining application programmes, anatomical structures, substance spectra or their native substances, and much more.

Continuous support

Natuirally, we are interested in the distribution of our devices, but especially in their successful use.

As a new customer, you will receive a folder containing the most important documents for the use of your devices, ready to hand at any time. It has been designed so that there is always a place in it for extensions, updates or changes.

With your customer password you have access to the restricted area of our website. This gives you access to all events and seminars that are sererved for our customers only. This section also contains manuals, practical tips, lecture manuscripts, our newsletter archive and user aids, which are regularly adapted and expanded.

We offer training in the form of courses, seminars and workshops to assist you to gain confidence and certainty when handling our equipment. They are systematically structured based on many years of experience and, due to their nature and quality, are often attended more than once.

For the reliable use of your equipment, we offer technical equipment checks and maintenance.

Our staff will be happy to assist you and help you clarify questions and meet your needs in the best possible way.


User feedback

I wanted to let you know that the update was successfully completed last night without any problems! Now we are eagerly anticipating the innovations that we will learn about today during the conference call. I wish you a very relaxing and wonderful Christmas season and a good start into the new year! Thank you very much for your competence and your endless patience!!!"
S.D. | Germany
Good afternoon, all of you from the Vitatec team who have always helped me so far. Today I don't need any help, I would like to share my joy with you. A fortnight ago, I successfully installed my last major component - DigiConPro and the software that is absolutely unique for me: DigiSoft – it all worked out well. Thanks to everyone who supported me, I was now able to fulfill one of my important dreams. ... Since 2016, I have had a beautiful practice where 2,000 to 2,500 measurements are performed annually. Despite all the stumbling moments and my less than ideal linguistic skills, I feel more and more comfortable with people, devices and information from VITATEC."
Dr. J.Z. | Czech Republic