VITATEC Product Development


In 1993, the first development of a health support device, the MitoSan, was released. 25 years later, the still successful MitoSan has moulted several times on the outside, but especially on the inside, and unfolded into the absolute high-end device, the Mito. According to this approach, which has been successful for us, all our products continue to grow.

Everything from a single source

Swiss made

All our products are exclusively in-house developments in terms of hardware and software. Inspired by the needs and suggestions of the users, Doctor of Science Siegfried Kiontke developed, directed, supervised and corrected a number of technicians and programmers in Germany and Switzerland, achieving amazing results and products time and again. The manufacturing of the devices and their quality tests take place primarily in Switzerland and, on a small scale, also in Germany.

Focus on the Future

In addition to regular upgrades of our user software, 32 health-supporting hardware developments have been successfully released between 1993 and 2019, which are now being used millions of times. None of the products developed during this time has become obsolete. All models are still being appreciated and used.

We will continue to be innovative. We closely follow software and electrotechnical breakthroughs and respond to the needs of our users by developing new generations of high-performance products in due course.