Philosophy and Goals


We pursue two goals motivated by our fundamental ideas:

  1. We develop and distribute technologies and products aimed at improving quality of life and well-being.
  2. We disseminate known and lesser-known knowledge about the human body and its connection to the environment, with the aim of contributing to a better understanding.

Our Corporate Development

What started in 1993 with 3 people has today grown into a business group that develops and manufactures products of various categories and sells them in different market segments worldwide.

We can look back on a slow but healthy growth and a steady development of our company. It may not be as spectacular as one can sometimes observe today, but it has been created exclusively by its own strength, standing on a solid foundation and being independent.

Our Core Business

The VITATEC core companies keep their focus on supporting professionals working in licensed healing professions and health care professions. We distribute our products exclusively to professional users. Today, there are thousands of customers worldwide and, based on this number and the devices used, many millions of applications with our Vitalfeld Technology devices each year.

Within this framework, we encourage users to connect and share successful strategies. The increase in interest and the speed at which new users are integrated and are becoming successful is a confirmation of our approach and our quality standards.

Our Philosophy

We develop risk-free products and disseminate known and lesser-known knowledge about the human body and its connection to the environment - with the aim of maintaining the basis of a high quality of life and good health.

We focus exclusively on the biophysical influencing factors for organisms - not on emotional or spiritual ones, which of course also have a significant influence on us humans.

Good, personally cultivated contacts - both within our company and with customers, suppliers and public authorities - are of great importance to us. These lines, which are always kept open and constructive, represent for us one of the foundations for achieving success together and counteracting many a downward trend in our social culture.

Our Future

In a gradually deteriorating environment, the future of our companies will continue to be shaped by keeping up to date on research results and new findings, trends and general developments, and adapting our products and product quality to the needs of our users.

As in the past, our great employees and their exemplary teamwork will play a crucial role in the future. Each of them is and will remain a valuable part of our foundation.

Wie in der Vergangenheit werden auch in der Zukunft unsere großartigen Mitarbeiter und ihre beispielhafte Zusammenarbeit eine entscheidende Rolle dabei spielen. Jeder von ihnen ist und bleibt ein wertvoller Teil unseres Fundamentes.