Our Strengths


Continuing Interest

The world belongs to those who are interested. Only curious, individually and independently thinking people, with a sound dose of courage to go their own way and with self-reflection, are able to make a difference in this world. They may not be a dime a dozen, yet they are all the more important. That's why we pay attention to the individual needs of our clients and support them precisely in this respect.

Methodological Innovation

Innovation is based on motivation. We strive to combine the best of two worlds for the benefit of people: The health-promoting effects of natural ambient radiation implemented in a solid form with the help of technical resources. In our company, we are always researching, questioning and not accepting anything as a " settled opinion". We constantly check and optimise on the basis of new findings. This is how high-performance products and improvements are made.

Tangible Trust

Even if we don't always agree and it also takes a little courage, trust is a basis for cooperation. We trust our customers, suppliers and employees and they trust us. We are no angels and we also make mistakes, but we keep our promises until we have fulfilled them. We build on long-term relationships and on the fact that we can all meet again and again with pleasure.

Increased Independence

Being able to think and act freely and self-determined is one of our pillars. We do not want to let our corporate development be restricted by dependencies. Therefore, we only develop what we can finance ourselves, have no sponsors or "silent partners", do not work on the basis of bank loans and thus keep our growth on a healthy and stable foundation.

Personal Integrity

We do not want to contort ourselves for business success, but act honestly and authentically and uphold our ideals and values. As a consequence, we also concede personal integrity to our partners. Our employees are a mix of remarkably diverse individuals. We respect and appreciate each other, which is perhaps precisely the reason why we are successful as a team.

Sustainable Quality

Our products and services undergo regular quality checks. But we don't fool ourselves. Even in our company, new developments have to grow out of their infancy. But the effort has always paid off. All the products we have released in the last 25 years are still doing their job successfully today. We live our quality management, among other things through regular user surveys and an always listening ear, even at the top of our management.

Our Team is United by a Vision

We form a team not only as co-workers, but also with our clients. Our common goal - vibrant and healthy people - keeps us together. We encourage each other, accept other opinions and discuss our opposing views. We laugh together and help each other ... and in the end we always find a good way that lets everyone succeed because we never give up on this vision.


Customer Messages

I am very grateful to Dr Kiontke for his great work every day. I also think of you often, because without the exceptional commitment of the staff, the entire thing would not be possible.“
B.B. | Germany
... All in all: VITATEC is instrumental in promoting health here. Thank you so much for making this all possible through your hard work!!! Best regards on behalf of all Vitalfeld therapists.“
G.K. | Paraguay
I would like to thank the VITATEC company for the excellent cooperation and the ongoing support and development of the treatment, and personally I would like to express my gratitude for the extraordinarily long patience and kindness and the enormous responsiveness. Without all this, my practice work and its development over the last 17 years would never have been possible in this way. Thank you.“
K.A. | Germany