Helpful Tips and Suggestions


There is generally no need to take any special precautions for both the measurement and the stimulation of the Vitalfeld. Exceptions to this would be communicated to you by your treating practitioner.

However, we have some helpful tips and suggestions for you.

The Vitalfeld of the body is stimulated everywhere and at all times by surrounding influences, regardless of whether they are beneficial or detrimental. They may not always be immediately noticeable, but nevertheless have an impact on the body. The better the body's general state of health, the easier it can cope with or compensate for these influences.

Everything that helps the body to handle these influences better is therefore recommendable.

Liquid Gold for the Body

About two thirds of the body consists of water and it is needed for almost all life-sustaining processes right down to the cells. Under normal circumstances and without any unusual stress (heat, sport activities, fever, diarrhoea etc.), the body excretes approximately 1.5 litres of water per day in the form of urine, stool, breath and sweat. Consequently, at least this volume needs to be replenished.

Water deficiency manifests itself in both physical and mental performance loss, increased heart rate, can cause muscle cramps and ultimately damage to the brain, kidneys, skin and more generally tissues and cells. As a consequence, our organism is highly dependent on fluids for its survival. A human being can survive for several days or even weeks without food. But more than 3 days without water can already be life-threatening.

To avoid any confusion: Coffee, cola and beer also contain water, but our organism cannot really use these drinks for cleansing and regeneration (not even in Bavaria) - on the contrary, the body usually has to use its own water so that it doesn't to suffer any harm from the above substances.

Hence, water is the transport medium our organism relies on the most, and therefore it should be as pure as possible. Water with fewer minerals and without carbonic-acid can absorb burdening substances in the body and remove them. In this way, burdened water can be excreted together with the undesirable substances via the breath, sweat and urine.

The proper pH value of the water for this is a topic on its own, which we are unable to address in this context. Nevertheless, you should be aware that the body's requirements are related to its supply and burden and therefore (in order to meet the very tight pH requirements of its blood with a normal value between 7.36 and 7.44) the demand changes several times during the day.

One remark on carbonic acid:
Apart from the fact that a study from 2017 has shown that carbonic acid in drinks has other undesirable effects, the pH value of carbonated water is always in the acidic range.

2017 - Professor Johnny Stiban, study result of the Birzeit University Laboratory:
„The results of the study implicate a major role for carbon dioxide gas in soft drinks in inducing weight gain and the onset of obesity via ghrelin release and stimulation of the hunger response in male mammals."

So, if in doubt, you can never go completely wrong with pH-neutral water and an intake of about 2 litres a day.

Keep moving

The average daily routine today no longer allows for the amount of physical activity that it did 50 years ago. Today, most people have to really care about physical activity in order not to get rusty, and you should, too.

Unfortunately, the slogan "sitting is the new smoking" is not entirely unfounded. There are many recommendations on how much physical exercise is enough and certainly a lot of qualified advisors in this field who recommend weight training and/or cardio training.

We are not professionals in this field, but we do see every day that the human organism is obviously not made for walking only from the bed to the car and from there a few metres to the office and back again, and that a lack of physical activity can lead to unpleasant bodily side-effects and pain.

Whether you exercise at home, climb stairs instead of taking the lift, go to the gym or for a jog, or do 3 laps around the block - any exercise is better than no exercise.

One recommendation that has been around since the 1960s is to spend 30 minutes a day getting your muscles and cardiovascular system up to an age-appropriate maximum. That is what we would recommend.

In order to optimally support your Vitalfeld and thus your body, we advise you - if your personal situation allows it - to move around in fresh air during daylight. Among many other positive effects, this additionally supports your entire oxygen balance and general metabolism and is like balm to your Vitalfeld.

„You Are What You Eat“ an old folk saying that still holds true. But no one told us back then that one day it would no longer be so easy to keep control over it.

The overabundance of food choices and products often keeps us from realising that they have turned more into burdensome bulking agents than actual food. Inexpensive fast food, convenience foods and microwave ovens all play their role in this.

Even the notion of "organic" is no longer a guarantee that the food has been produced under completely natural conditions. At the very least, however, it is more likely not - or not heavily - contaminated with chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Of course it would be best if you could resort to the produce of a nearby farmer and preferably prepare your own food. But that is not possible for everyone.

Realistically, we recommend the following: Eat a diet rich in vital nutrients. Eat healthy, natural foods, fruits and vegetables as much as possible. These are able to provide the body with easily available energy and vitamins. Additionally, it can help to take food supplements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids after consultation with your therapist.

Avoid additional burdens. Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and sugar-containing foods put a strain on the body and can act like poisons. Any stimulant should be consumed with moderation.