Frequently Asked Questions


Generally, no preparations are necessary.

You neither require fasting (= not eat or drink before the measurement), nor do you have to undress. Only constricting clothing should be opened and the insides of the your heels must be accessible.

The following would be helpful:

  • To ensure good skin contact, please do not apply cream to the inside of your heels before the application.
  • Drinking a glass of still water before the measurement can be helpful.
  • Please inform your therapist if, for example, you have been particularly exerting yourself before the measurement, have not eaten anything all day or have drunk very little. Information about your daily routine or other circumstances can be helpful for a correct assessment of the evaluated data.

Generally, no preparations are necessary.

You neither require fasting (= not eat or drink before the measurement), nor do you have to undress. Only constricting clothing should be opened. The application also works through clothing, but it should not be too thick so as not to unnecessarily weaken the stimulation of the Vitalfeld.

That depends on devices being applied.

For the measurement with Global Diagnostics, please uncover the insides of your heels. If this is not possible, please discuss with your therapist which body part should be chosen as an alternative.

For all other applications of the Vitalfeld Technologie the answer is generally no. They can also be applied on top of a single layer of clothing. If you wear several layers of clothing, an antenna (biotrode) can also be inserted in between so that the stimulation of the Vitalfeld is not unnecessarily attenuated.

A microcurrent application with Global Diagnostics might also require other areas of the body to be uncovered. This depends on your therapist's decision - he or she will inform you if necessary.

Shifting can influence the result of the measurement. Therefore, you should try to find a comfortable lying position and lie as still and relaxed as possible for the 8 minutes.

If you still need to shift, scratch, yawn, sneeze or cough, please mention it to your therapist after the measurement. He can take into account the possible effects (e.g. on muscles, lungs etc.) and still get the information he needs.

Most people do not feel anything during a measurement. Only very sensitive people sometimes describe a pleasant feeling of flowing through the body or certain regions. More often, however, people fall asleep during the measurement.

More sensitive people sometimes feel waves, flows or a pleasant warmth in the body during an application. More often it is reported that the treated body areas are felt more intensely - but not in an unpleasant or even painful way.

The measurement and evaluation takes 8 minutes - you should be able to keep still and relaxed during this time. You should find a comfortable lying position before the measurement and lie still from the start of the measurement until the adhesive electrodes are removed from your heels.

No, it isn't.

The measuring impulses are so low that they cannot cause any sensation of pain. For comparison: The battery of a wristwatch has a voltage between 1.3 and 3.5 volts. Global Diagnostics has a maximum voltage of 0.2 volts during the measurement, which is less than 1/6 of the battery of a wristwatch.

Most people do not feel the measurement at all. Few experience a slight and pleasant tingling sensation.

Fasting in the sense of not eating or drinking before the measurement is generally not necessary. But this decision depends on the intent of your practitioner. It is quite possible that he/she would prefer to have a measurement in a fasted state for individual reasons. Please ask your therapist about this.

In principle, yes, as long as they are able to lie as still as possible for 8 minutes.

If you have an intolerance reaction to electrical impulses (for Global Diagnostics) or electromagnetic fields (for all other devices), you should refrain from trying any measurement or application.

If you are unsure about your reactions, tell your therapist and ask him/her to stay close to you during the first attempt. This way a measurement or application can be stopped at any time if you do feel uncomfortable. No unpleasant after-effects have been observed in more than 25 years of Vitalfeld Technology applications.

No, it can not.

All Vitalfeld Technology devices are designed and built exclusively to support the body's fields. None is intended or capable of detecting, evaluating or even influencing mental, emotional or other psychological aspects.

Global Diagnostics does not include a query that can identify that alcohol has been drunk.

However, you should still tell your therapist about alcohol consumption because your organism may react in a certain way that could be important for your therapist to assess your health condition.

No, it will not. Global Diagnostics does not make diagnoses, only your doctor or therapist can do that.

After more than 25 years of using Vitalfeld Technologie devices, no undesirable side effects or sequelae are known to date.

Whether the costs of the application are covered by your health insurance depends on the type of your insurance cover or the respective health insurance and can sometimes even vary from region to region with the same health insurance. You should clarify this in each individual case.